16 thoughts on “Hotoke – Jomopro 1 combo

    • Yeah so effortless, I would love to see him in the top three. As much as he’s respected, I still feel like he’s underrated if that makes sense. Hotoke’s bodyvarial to halfpacker is so nice.

    • Saw the albion site up the other day, that however has not a thing to do with this Hotoke post. You are very random @djhandspin. I rode that floor two years ago, i took 20 out and normally run 120psi and it worked fine. They look after the floor well at that contest.

  1. 110 psi for the contest should be good

    that floor is fast there and already smooth

    it will help you grip and slow down a bit

  2. nice to see yoshiki in some contests outside of japan this year. one of my favourites, since ive seen him riding first time.

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