IGI Amazonas


Jean William Prevost aka Dub describes his latest tour through the “Colombian Amazon”, grab a cuppa and enjoy this great edit…

“This video documents Chilean Benjamin Hudson, Colombian Juan Camilo Niebles and Canadian Jean William Prévost’s trip to the Colombian Amazon this past June of 2017.
The main reason and intention behind this video is to open a door to the BMX Flatland community to the possibility of eventual ayahuasca ceremonies for those in need of physical and mental cleansing and/or healing. The contact with trustworthy and experienced shamans is established ; we invite you to write us to info@igibmx.com or DM us on social media so we may help you to get in touch with a shaman in Colombia if your well-being has been jeopardised and you are running out of options. The medicine of these cultures is infinitely powerful and those who embark on a journey of learning through the Ayahuasca vine are opening themselves to the ancestral knowledge and wisdom of the jungle and it’s plants…”

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