IGI Amazonas


Jean William Prevost aka Dub describes his latest tour through the “Colombian Amazon”, grab a cuppa and enjoy this great edit…

“This video documents Chilean Benjamin Hudson, Colombian Juan Camilo Niebles and Canadian Jean William PrĂ©vost’s trip to the Colombian Amazon this past June of 2017.
The main reason and intention behind this video is to open a door to the BMX Flatland community to the possibility of eventual ayahuasca ceremonies for those in need of physical and mental cleansing and/or healing. The contact with trustworthy and experienced shamans is established ; we invite you to write us to info@igibmx.com or DM us on social media so we may help you to get in touch with a shaman in Colombia if your well-being has been jeopardised and you are running out of options. The medicine of these cultures is infinitely powerful and those who embark on a journey of learning through the Ayahuasca vine are opening themselves to the ancestral knowledge and wisdom of the jungle and it’s plants…”

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