igi – The Microphone Peg

The igi Microphone Peg designed by Dub is dropping during the fall. Much like Dub’s riding, a lot of work and attention to detail has gone into refining this peg design. Check out the photo above, and the first thing you notice is the clean Black, Anodised Silver colour way, with Silver Cap as a reference point.

Dub commented “The ball is better for the posture of the foot. Positioning is easier to find and locking in just happens. The knurling on the ball really does make a difference in a dry and dusty climate. Surface where cap and peg meet are at an angle so no seizing, I also use a reverse thread to stop seizing.
The rubber grip keeps your shoes and hands good to session all day without destroying your hands and shoes.”

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “igi – The Microphone Peg

  1. How does a reverse thread (I’m assuming it’s a left hand thread?) prevent seizing? Pretty cool. Neat to see original ideas on simple parts like pegs!

  2. Since seizing mostly happens from the bike hitting the floor alot, you turn clockwise to loosen , so the peg can’t loosen with the cap since it’s tightening the peg to the frame to loosen the cap. When you tighten the cap to the peg , gentle pressure is enough to keep the cap on there firmly.

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