Incredible Ciaran Perry edit!

Well worth a watch for the first combo alone! Ciaran smashes it, creativity, difficulty, mind boggling flatland skills, it’s all here!

11 thoughts on “Incredible Ciaran Perry edit!

  1. wow, dammit… a word came to mind describing his style as I watched this:
    my audio was off, but funny that New Order was on the radio as this played…

  2. Cool tune Kala, this riding is untouched territory i’ve never seen anyone doing anything remotely similar ,the control is mindblowing lots of intricate moves 🙂

  3. innovative and incredible.

    His kind of riding looks so tough for the wrists, arms and body in general, i could never ride like this my body would not allow me to ! 😉

  4. Oh, SICK! Uhhh…
    This kinda reminds me a little of someone from the ’90s. Brakeless, though, so Ciaran is MO’sicka.

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