8 thoughts on “Iñigo Arroyo – Trapagabike Mini Edit

  1. Really liking this ! His riding has progressed TONS in the past year ! Ive been stoked on Inigo since first seeing him in a T.G.M. edit , back in 2014 . These bike flips, linked to steezy fudge packers are so good , again loving this lil edit , the tune goes well with his flow , also ! Yeah Mr . Arroyo keep documenting ………..ANOTHER Arroyo ripper in flatland ! Bet you know the OTHER rider who has that same last name , huh BIG E ?! CONGRATS on your M.O.C. WIN , too , Inigo !!

  2. Nice flow and very smooth Inigo. And you look like you’re enjoying yourself, which’s the man thing.

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