12 thoughts on “Inspire Promotions – London School Tour 2011

  1. Awesome riding guys πŸ™‚ very inspiring to the school kids they were lovin it just shows that there are options you can take in life through riding or any sporting activity for that matter and other than the infamous crime route which sadly so often kids get lured into and sadly some don’t get out of as unfortunately the country is changing as its not the same place i grew up in but just a demo like this can change a kids perspective in what they want to do .

    its a regular thing nowadays in society its there guns,knives etc, hopefully some of the kids there will be inspired by this and have a go and hopefully can get a sense of personal satisfaction out of it .

    Very positive and promoting flatland like this is getting a message across also that having fun is far better that having a gun .

    ride on πŸ™‚

  2. funny Trev whens the comedy dvd out ? open your eyes i was just saying that there are routes you can take and i don’t live in Dorking.

  3. Funny Trev i would never associate you with violence , violets maybe .

    Guess i can’t have an opinion in a democratic society perhaps i shouldn’t vote as well or care about where the future lies for society here or have a say maybe i should replace my brain with a melon and have my mouth sewn up on the NHS ,yeah gun crime and crime amongst youngsters is really funny nowadays never knew that i’ll ponder that thought when i see a kid shot dead on the news at 15 years old because he’s in the wrong area.

    once again nice vid positive and entertaining

    sorry E i’m done.

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