11 thoughts on “Instagram Slam – Terry Adams & Matthias Dandois

  1. Really funny! I love when Terry and Matthias ride togheter… Matthias call it “japanese milker”, moya? Haha thats funny 🙂

  2. Pimp glide is crackpacker on the pedals terry invented it i think i forgrt how he rode in or rode out. I think he jumped over bars from steam? I was dissapointed he shut down the request. That was a legit request. I bet lee musselwhite could do these proper brakeless. George manos would do them backwards. Backwards g turned would be sick Bw hip whip.

    • @brandon d – yes correct Terry used to jump the bars from steam, def a good request from Bobby. Really loved this concept with flatland, I think it was one of the more entertaining instagram slams I have seen.

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