Interbike Video – S&M’s Intrikat Complete Bike

Sean McKinney breaks down Chad Johnston’s S&M Intrikat Complete Bike, check out the new forks, awesome!

ESPN previewed the interbike with ten things to look forward, hit the link for some interesting developments in BMX technology…

8 thoughts on “Interbike Video – S&M’s Intrikat Complete Bike

  1. I have a friend who rides an Intrikat frame. The welds are like nothing I’ve ever seen. Simply beautiful. But, the high stand over and short dropouts make this an unlikely choice for my next frame.

    The fork looks good. I like the tapered legs. I hope they offer zero offset as a standard option. I have a feeling they won’t but I’d love to be proved wrong.

  2. Finally! A frame that doesn’t look like my daughters bike, put me down! AWSOME that such an American iconic brand steps up and throws down!

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