Intrikat Groundtactics fundraiser!

Chad Johnston is raising a lil’ extra cash for the Groundtactics event on 7th August, by re-releasing a run of 50 copies of the classic Kgb Impulsivity DVD, at $20 each, all proceeds go to the contest in Finland.

If your interested, send paypal to

Martti has already teamed up with Nokia, to bring the Groundtactics contest 5000 euros prize money!!, big respect for his first years effort!

3 thoughts on “Intrikat Groundtactics fundraiser!

  1. Much respect to Martti raising 5 grand for the finals in the first year of groundtactics! Looking forward to travelling to Martti's hometown in august, hearing lot of riders are planning on going, (even Dane Beardsley is making it from Athens Georgia!!)…If you havent got the kgb dvd go get this and support the cause…

  2. Actually a little misunderstanding here. This 5000 EUR that has been promised for Ground Tactics will go to the plane tickets of the top finalists and 2 judges.
    Currently there is no prize money available due to a small budget…

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