Introducing the Flatland Immersion Podcast!

Exciting news today, Dusty Tweedhope has just started a new Flatland Podcast. Dusty is two episodes, with the first episode a “Mic Check” test type of deal, and the second episode discusses 10 years off Flatmattersonline. Great to see someone else contributing regular content to Flatland! Great job Dusty, link below .

“After a year of contemplating, and a couple months of work, Flatland Immersion Podcast is up and live!

It’s a podcast about all things flatland, and a place where positivity and good vibes can team up with the type of riding that we all work so hard at every day. General chat and current events going on in our scene, as well as music and general good humoured banter, I hope you check it out.

It’s available for free to download in the iTunes Store, and I am currently working on posting to more platforms as well.

Check out my Flatland Immersion Facebook page, and get in on the episode chat! I look forward to hearing some feedback!


3 thoughts on “Introducing the Flatland Immersion Podcast!

  1. Great stuff Dusty! Thank you for the shoutouts, I am always really happy to hear that FM is motivating riders. It is really rewarding to hear that, you can’t ask for much more in my opinion. That was my original goal so its nice to hear that the site and all the work that goes into running the site on the daily is being seen and appreciated.
    Really liked the parts on the podcast where you showed the more personal side, like meeting Dub, Simon O’Brien, Dez Maarsen etc. That was a nice touch and brought the community side of what we do into the light.
    My best wishes with the future of the podcast, as I said in the description it is really cool to see someone else contributing to motivating flatlanders worldwide. Look forward to many more.

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