Isaiah Jordan Modern Bikes Signature Frame

Isaiah Jordan has a signature frame with Modern Bikes, the Matt Carolina Blue is a nice touch, check out all the specs below and some riding footage fresh out the gate! Keep up to date on release info with website link below.

HT Angle: 75
ST Angle: 71
CS Slammed: 13″”
TT: 21″
Dropouts: 3/8″ 3/16″ Thick, Enclosed
Integrated: Seatpost Clamp, Headtube
Removable Gyro Tabs, Brake Mounts, Cable Guides
Weight: estimated under 4lbs.
Made In USA

7 thoughts on “Isaiah Jordan Modern Bikes Signature Frame

  1. Couple of corrections….

    Weight: Because this version is still in the strength testing phase we don’t want to release an exact weight because if there are some are we need to thicken (tubing, welds, possible intergrated tensioners?) We don’t want to disapoint with added weight numbers.

    Color: Probably close as possible if not the same color as Terry’s flatware frame, but that wasn’t my intention. Because of my kids being my insprition for every decision I make….I turned to their favorite cartoon POCOYO! The lil boy in the cartoon wears almost this exact color!

    Length: Website is misprinted T.T. length is actually 19in. The owner of the company is riding the 19.5in version and we are looking into one more size. Could be smller than the 19in or maybe over the 19.5in spec!

    Dropouts: Might be actually losing the enclosed dropouts in the production versions (don’t quote me. Haha!), but that’s still another decision I’m leaving up in the air until strength testing is done!

    -Thanks, Isaiah Jordan

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