I am still catching up on videos and news after the UK Flatland Championships weekend, today I have one video for you that deserves your attention. Sunny Singh aka hate5six makes a welcome return to the video editing game with this really nice edit documenting the riding of Masashi Itani out in Hawaii. Look out for the last bike flip at 3:22! Here’s what Sunny had to say:

“In February, I traveled to Hawaii to ride with and film Masashi Itani, one of the top professional flatland riders in the world, and also hang out with @Bobby Carter, whose Diversion BMX video series were highly influential to me growing up. I finally got around to cutting this edit together for Masi which contains the first and only known recording of him pulling a 180 bike flip. I focused on incorporating various elements that I loved from BMX videos in the 90s-00s. In Bobby’s words, “I haven’t been stoked on an edit like this in a long time.”

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