Jake jackson (organiser of fight with flight) interview

Fight with flight is fast approaching, I asked Jake Jackson one of the organisers a few questions about the event, check out Steve Mulder’s promo vid, timeless…

Give me some background about Fight with flight, how long have you been running the event?
Fight with Flight debuted in January of 2009, with the help of Alan young and Chris Armstrong we teamed up with Red Bull to try a new contest format. The concept was a team contest where am riders would be paired up and battle other am’s. With Am and pro riders coming from all over the US and Canada, Fight with Flight made for a lot of fun and most riders left wanting more,Fight with Flight 2010 had to happen.

Tell me about the location?
The venue for both last year and this years contest is the Vincennese UNIV aviation tech center, located at the Indianapolis International Airport. The school offered everything a flatlander would love, large space, great floor and some unique backdrops for the contest especially the commercial 737 aircraft next to the contest floor. The school staff has also been great and have gone above and beyond with their support.

Who’s running the event? And whats the idea behind it? Seems a really unique event?
Alan young along with myself and the help of the sponsors are running the contest, the idea behind Fight with Flight is to offer riders every opportunity to ride and compete, this years contest will offer a master class which we have felt has been needed in North America for a long time, the responce has been great, we are also excited with the the Am flatland circuit picking Fight with Flight for the first stop. We think that the combination of the Venue which is normally off limits to most flatlanders, the addition of the master class and am circuit and the great variety of riders will make Fight with Flight unique.

How long have you been working on this years event?
It was almost immediately after the first contest that the preperations began for 2010’s. But the last 6 months have been very focused towards the event

How many riders do you expect to attend this year?
It is hard to say, everyday I know of more riders making the trip to Indy for Fight with Flight. I hate to put numbers on it but we have already 50 riders signed up for the contest and know of more riders expected.

Whats the format of the event? 
This years event has gone back to a more traditional contest format, top riders advance to the finals which will be jam format for ams and the pros will have a 8 rider elimination finals using the flag system being widely used today.

Any words for others seeking for organise flatland events?
The most important thing I could say is don’t give up before you ask, many bike companies want to help and show support if you ask. Hit up event organizers to see what worked for them and again don’t give up

Thanks effraim for the interview

Good luck with the contest jake!

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