James McGraw – Birthday Slab

Birthday Slab from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Fancy watching something lil’ different from the Bike Days coverage, or Scott Powell’s daily videos. How about this Birthday Slab edit from James McGraw! James explains all:

“For my 47th birthday I was able to have a slab poured on the side of my new house. A flatlanders paradise. Whats funny is it was supposed to be 40/50 but unfortunately we had to cut back the size a bit due to underground stuff that was in the way as well as city codes. so when the cement guy told me the biggest we could do was 35 by “43” I could not believe my ears. It was a sign and so it is the “mountain slab” with the extra room I have now, I have really been able to work a lot of stuff that was not feasible in my shop. here is some really cool lines that I have recently hit and there is a front wheel only video in the works. 🙂 Enjoy.”

2 thoughts on “James McGraw – Birthday Slab

  1. Damn James—-looks awesome, Good Idea, leads to good riding spot, leads to better riding!
    # quick things that would enhance the spot:
    1- Electric leaf blower
    2- 8 weather proof speaks that can be placed in the corners and middle positions. These can be tied together and lead back to the garage where they can be powered by an amp.
    3- 4K security system. mount camera in landscaping items (such as a big flower planter to conceal them) and run the wiring back to the same spot in garage where you can have a monitor to view anything worth video, and a dvr capture everything. In no time you will have so many clips that you wont know what to do with them!


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