James McGraw – Keep Rollin, Birthday Edit 46

Keep Rollin, Birthday Edit 46 from James McGraw on Vimeo.

If you know James McGraw you will know it’s uber hard for him not to post every combo he does on social media. He bucked that trend working on his 46th birthday edit and it doesn’t disappoint as James continues to progress his back wheel riding. Long may this continue, inspirational edit! Happy birthday James!

2 thoughts on “James McGraw – Keep Rollin, Birthday Edit 46

  1. Happy Birthday James!! Us mid-40 somethings will definitely keep on rollin!! Hell, I’ll be 48 this summer and no plans to stop riding anytime soon!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Crosswalk , the two footed back yard roll/bike pivot/gerator spin/pivot to right cross stick -b/CROSSWALK to end that last combo was RAD !!!! STOKED youre still pushing/progressing , gives everyone a BOOST of bmx morale !!!!!

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