James McGraw – My Life at 44

A lot of thoughts come into my mind watching this edit of James, firstly Happy Birthday James who is today is 44, as is Pete Brandt! The progression of James’ back wheel riding since he went brakeless is so awesome to see, and of course the fire Mr McGraw shows after pulling that last combo puts a smile on my face and maybe yours! Will you be this fired up at the age of 44? Hit play and celebrate James birthday! Hell yes!

19 thoughts on “James McGraw – My Life at 44

  1. I totally agree with Johnm. You are very inspiring not only to us older guys, but to all riders. You look 18 when riding brother. One other thing, my knee jerk reaction was a loud “Ohhhh” when I saw the crash. Many us will relate to that pain!

  2. Boy am I glad I didn’t have the speakers turned on! haha

    Anyway, I get a kick out of how excited Jim is after each combo…I just turned 40 myself and I am pretty much “relieved” more than anything when I manage a decent combo.

    Great work!

  3. great video and shows age don’t matter if you have the mindset and ability to still ride and have fun. you can see james is stoked on certain combo’s. rad. and happy 44th birthday!!

  4. Dude ,YouFukkin Rock….
    First video i have watched on my new Inter.. your going to be my go to guy this spring and summer …Thanks….

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