James McGraw & Pete Brandt – 43 years Young!

Happy 43rd birthdays today to both James McGraw and Pete Brandt, what is it with the number 43 lately? James dropped this new edit for his new sponsor, London Bikes, and Pete, well this is a good excuse to repost one of my favourite edits from him. Both riders busting out to this day! Inspirational! Share some love for them both right here!

13 thoughts on “James McGraw & Pete Brandt – 43 years Young!

  1. Both Pete and James rip, this should be a huge inspiration to every flatlander to be able to ride at this kind of level at age 43! (Hey James the bike flip goes at the end of the video, ha ha)

  2. Killer edit, James. Interesting being part of a sport in it’s relative youth. No one seems to know when you have to stop. So far, it doesn’t seem like you have to.

  3. mad respect to both for still ridng at an insanely high level at 43.
    hitting 42 in a few months and nowhere near that level but still having
    FUN riding and thats why you,me and everyone else out there is still out there all year round riding.
    still learning (or attempting to) new tricks and that’s the great thing about
    flatland- it’s you own personal journey to do whatever you want on a bike and it seems if you’re healthy enough I reckon we’ll see pro’s still competing mid 50’s/60’s at this rate.

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