James McGraw quits Reklamation & moves back to London Bikes


James McGraw hit me up earlier today with some sponsorship news, here is the official press release from the man himself.

“It was over four years ago that I got a call from one of the best flatlanders I have the privilege to know. Will Redd who also happens to be one of the best bike builders, asking me if would like to ride for London bikes. I was honored and accepted. I told my friends and family this would be the last bike company I would ever ride for. Well that did not turn out to be true. I was offered a signature frame from reklamation bikes and after 30 years of feeling passed over the idea of a signature frame and expenses paid led me to quit London as my primary sponsor. As it turns out my signature frame and the other seven ever made ironically where made by London bikes. Reklamation has treated me very good and paid a lot of my travel expense. I’m personally good friends with the owners and sadly feel this sponsorship has put a strain on our personal friendships. I know Reklamation bikes supports a lot of riders and events both flat and park. But I have always stayed true to the products I believe in and if I could not get sponsored by the company I like, I simply bought their product. I have been very conflicted supporting Reklamation because deep down the thing that matters most to me (my frame) is made by London bikes who I still feel honored to be associated with. I thank Robert and Fred for all they have done for me the past two years, but as of today I am no longer Rekjamesbitch. I will continue to ride for London Bikes and this time I will ride with London till the end.”

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