James White 4th Place – BMX Cologne 2014

James White at BMX Cologne 2014 Finals from Global Flat on Vimeo.

James White killed it in Finals jamming to the sounds of LL Cool J. Look out for that funny moment when James scuffs at 2:03! If James would have nailed his bonus round combo he would have been on the podium, amazing!

13 thoughts on “James White 4th Place – BMX Cologne 2014

  1. If you could buy bike control, then maybe I would be able to someday have a 1/10 of his. Until then, I will have to live vicariously. Awesome!

  2. James displayed pure control and the balance of a cat , in control at all times and he made it look to easy for everyone to appreciate the level of the control , he should of been on the podium .

  3. by the way James has a full time career,wife, kids RESPECT for holding his shit together under massive pressure.no tap dancing by james

  4. Phil, Thanks for sharing that! It seems that short of detail goes unacknowledged these days. When really there are those who only have 2 hours to ride on the weekend and to maintain the level of “dialedness” is hard.

    Props to James!

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