James White – I’m Bad

I'm bad from James White on Vimeo.

Following his reader choice 2017 flatmattersonline edit of the year James White hits us with his own short mix of LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad”. And if like me you were wondering why he cut his pedal down, well watch this and you will know the answer. Pure fun from James White, the man is Bad!

15 thoughts on “James White – I’m Bad

  1. THIS F——KN RULES !!!! PERFECT vibe / feel / energy WITH the TRICKS to MATCH the THEME of this REMARKABLE edit !!! Being that I LOVED / WORE OUT this album on CASSETTE when I was a kid , even SNEAKING it into my uncles wedding party , playing it on the P.A. during the party !!! HAHAHAHAHAHA , one minute , Kenny G was playing ………….the NEXT minute ………..my cousin and I had THIS song ….CRANKED at HIGH volume to ALL my family / guests SURPRISE !! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Whiteski can do NO wrong in bmx FLATLAND !!! Like Frost said , MORE of THIS !!!

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