James White – Nemesis

This edit James White just put together showing the perusal struggle chasing down his line for the Master of Creativity best trick round illustrates what flatland is all about.

James gives a great description:

“Sometimes you try so hard for a trick the tougher it becomes. Your belief fades. No longer are you just physically pushing for the trick, your fighting your mental demons. The wall becomes so tall it feels impossible to get over. All this and more had become true for this manoeuvre.

It dates back to 2011. In my head, blending the 360 pivot to the bike flip seemed the perfect marriage but in reality it just didn’t want to work. I spent many frustrating sessions getting nowhere but I wanted it bad. In 2016 I entered Master of creativity and for the final round I spent months trying to land it and almost ripped my arm off trying so hard. But it was all to no avail, it had beat me.

That was that is until I had a moment of madness and entered MOC 2018. I wasn’t’ quite sure why I entered it at the time. It was literally a spur of the moment thing and found myself sending the application form off before I had a chance to come to my senses. I wasn’t prepared for it in the slightest, my body was possibly, in the worst shape its ever been in, niggling injuries, onset of arthritis and carrying a spare tyre round my waist isn’t exactly the condition you want to compete in what I consider the ’Tour de France’ of flatland contests. With hindsight I’m sure this was my subconscious at work, giving me one last shot at breaking my nemesis. I knew the trick was never going score highly in MOC but this wasn’t about that, I was competing with the hardest component there is….. myself.”

17 thoughts on “James White – Nemesis

  1. Just the ambient track alone in the background sounds very haunting like it’s devouring his soul and it’s just a prefect fit for this edit

    There’s a bit of EllsBells in everyone.

  2. Just goes to show, that when we refuse to let the bike beat us, we can accomplish many things, as frustrating as it can be,& that’s the passion we have. The results are what we create.

  3. Unbelievable.
    I never thought would enjoy watching video people attempting on a trick.
    Determination and believe.
    Thank you for the great inspiration.

  4. This is the side of flat that I’d love to see more of, that feeling of being defeated (at times) but then you keep going and dig deeper to pull what’s haunting you. Thank you for posting this, such good motivation!

  5. Yeah, I’m with everyone else! Seeing someone envision, prepare and execute something that pushes them past where they are sure they can go, is always a super exciting and intimate experience. One of the many great things about flatland is how open people are in sharing their failures and journey. Not to mention that Mr. White has me sold on Air Force One’s as the only intelligent choice in riding shoe. Should never have doubted a shoe championed by him AND Rasheed Wallace!

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