James White Ride On Interview Part 2

Part 2 of the James White Ride On Interview series just dropped and is absolutely golden. Once again great job from Neil Waddington. Hit play for some great Whitey footage plus his thoughts on the X Games dropping flatland, Level Vibes, Flatland Image, London Bikes, and perhaps the funniest question about James being in Phil Dolan’s shadow. I almost dropped my tea laughing at this the first time round, fantastic stuff right here!

4 thoughts on “James White Ride On Interview Part 2

  1. Fuck, some of those combos are still so crazy to me. What time period were they filmed?

    Another great installment of this interview, and like Valance, looking forward to more!

  2. I especially liked the part in answer to whether Flatland has an issue with its image…”.Flatlanders are seen as weirdo loners that hang around in carparks for hours at a time…..well yeah there is that” hahahahaha brilliant!

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