James White – Ride On Interview Part 3

Ride On talks to James White (part 3) from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

The 3rd and final part of the Ride On BMX interview with James White just dropped!
This is pure gold as James talks about how he fits riding in with family life and what he’s had to do to stay fit enough to ride at the highest level in his 40’s.
He also talks about his love for collecting Old school BMX and riding for S&M. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this one! Special thanks to Neil Waddington for dropping these amazing interviews!

9 thoughts on “James White – Ride On Interview Part 3

  1. Does the back issues James have come from flatland or something else? If it’s from flatland is this a common thing?

  2. Great interview E. For me, riding at 44 years of age requires more recovery time after a session. My sessions are of short durations of 1 hour, too.

    James…thanks for the dose of inspiration. It’s a cool 5 degrees but I think I will go ride even if it’s for a flippant 1 hour.

    Do any of you vet riders notice recovery time as problematic?

  3. Like James my back is also “done” and I feel his pain…..everyday.
    In my case it has absolutely come from riding. The constant bending over and straining it has resulted in herniated discs in my lower back and sciatic pain.
    I also try and maintain it by working on core strengething, proper diet, stretching constantly and lots of Advil. But time eventually catches up to us unfortunately.
    But like James I also can’t stop, it’s just too much fun.
    I’d like to hear from anyone else with this problem and what they do to help survive?

  4. When it comes to talking about bmx I can listen to this just like watching his riding. Great stuff big time.

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