James White wins Battle Vibes!

News/Photos: Trevor Lacey “BMXism”

1- James White
2- Matti Hemmings
3- Josh Briars

1- Mayko Lee
2- Johann Chan
3- Mario Carelse

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Battle Vibes in Northampton today. Bmxism reports there was a good turnout of about 50 riders and awesome riding area. James White warmed up nicely for Toronto in a months time taking the win, is this the year for Whiteski?! Matti Hemmings and Josh Briars followed in 2nd and 3rd. Mayko Lee won a frame for first place in Expert! (see above photo). Hopefully some videos and photos soon…

14 thoughts on “James White wins Battle Vibes!

  1. Fun day! Saw some new faces which is really cool. Was blown away by how much Matti and Josh have progessed. They we’re absolutely tearing it up in practice. If they’d hit their stuff in their runs they would have been threatening to dethrone James! Next generation pros!!!

  2. Really pleased how many people turned up and made this a great day for all. Great vibes all day. Thanks to Ade for helping make this happen, lookout for more events throughout the year.

    @chris errrrrr dethrone me?! Go and wash your mouth out with soap!

  3. Such a Brilliant day! Amazing venue, love the floor, the DJ’s were all on point.
    Great to see old n new faces. Got to ride loads to the point of exhaustion.
    BIG Cheers to the organisers for such a slick event! Soo many AWESOME riders!!
    How great are these little bikes!!!! Can’t wait to the next one!?

    Btw- does anyone have the Am results?!

  4. @whiteski Lol. Thanks to you, ade and everyone for organising. After a tough winter I’m really motivated to go and ride now! Cheers!

  5. Congrats to James, who is amazing, but honestly…did Sam Foakes make it to this event? I’ve been watching his recent edits over and over, because he’s my favorite rider. I’m really hoping he’ll start hitting the contest scene again. Dude is a GOD.

  6. I really enjoy yesterday at Battle Vibes. Great to catch up with old faces and meet new riders. Congrats to James White, first time I met him yesterday really nice guy.

    Stoked on 2nd Places, James Whites used tire is up on the wall at home.

    Looking forward to next even.

  7. (I tried to post this a moment ago if it appears twice thats why… Im not mental…much)

    An event of the most epic proportions, from the venue to the warm welcome from a very excited Ade (thanks for putting it on GREAT SUCCESS) We all jammed for the first hour or so and as there was no contest pressure got to see everyones styles and skill progression. The pro-level legends throwing it down with the up and coming wild ones, all crews in the mix, so sick! But this was also about the Battle Vibes…big up to the top ranking riders of this event!!!

    For a buzz I entered Expert class for the first time and as warm up started suffered the most ridiculous cramp in my leg. Rather than warm up I had to walk around the place trying to stretch out my leg. It eased off a bit for my run which was a blessing for sure. I got down with some old school inspired tomfoolery and managed to pull a wild rollaid out of my arse as my last trick. I was immensely stoked at this and feeling the love!!!

    Every rider I saw ride busted out and had a grin on there mugs what more could you ask for.?

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