6 thoughts on “Japans New Generation

  1. WOW !! now this young guy has a future in riding if he’s doing this at i’m guessing 8 or 9 then i can’t imagine what he will be doing in a few years time, so good and so much strength and control for a little guy ,sick stuff 🙂

  2. he have 11 years old, and he do lot of tricks in front wheel and some in back wheel, this is de first year wiht 20 inch bike, in 2010 he riding wiht 16 inch.
    is incredible the little kid, riding so big.

  3. …….I give up…..no matter how hard i ride this kid will be 10x better than me by the time he is 14.

    lol 🙂

  4. it’s aite sean. Its not about who’z better or what tricks you do. It’s all about the FUN!!!! and that feeling only you and yourself can give yourself 🙂 when your on your bike

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