Jason Forde – London SL

Jason Forde London SL from emer bmx on Vimeo.

Johann Chan has some heart felt words about his new edit with Jason Forde that I feel I need to share, rather than my normal description. Don’t miss this one!

“We’ve all got to believe in something right? Well for most of us we’ve always believed in Jay.
Whether he was learning tricks faster than the rest of us or helping out with tips & parts.
Jay’s positive attitude, huge bag of tricks and abundance of style have always earned him respect from his peers.
I’ve wanted to film a section with Jay since filming him for ‘Record Collection’ in the early 00’s.
Recently we’ve had the chance to get together, film some stuff, and make this short film.”

16 thoughts on “Jason Forde – London SL

  1. Thanks guys, big up chan for the hard work on the cutting room floor, PS j smith ill turn it up to 50% for 2014. Merry Christmas all.

  2. That was a really nice edit. Jay’s cross footed now too! “Some tricks take years to master”. Too true!!!

    Been a couple of days. This, the Boss and Takuji’s part. Good motivation all round!

  3. I’ve been cross footed for years Paul just never really pushed it until now, it’s funny what you end up learning when you have a rear flat tyre.

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