Jason Forde’s 2009 St Martin Eiffel Bike Check

Frame: STM Eiffel 18.2”
Forks: STM Mikado
Bars: STM Eien 8”
Grips: Big Cheese
Bar-ends: A-Bike Co, Plastic
Stem: STM X-26
Headset: FSA
Cranks: STM Holloflat 145mm
Chainring: STM Ringo 18T
BB: Spanish
Pedals: A-Bike Co Hamilton, Plastic
Chain: YBN Hollow
Seatclamp: M-part
Seatpost: Thomson Elite
Seat: KHE Watanabe MK1
Pegs: STM Hollopegs Griptape
Front Wheel: STM Domino 36h
Rear Rim:: Atomlab Pimprim 36h
Freecoaster: KHE Geisha Light 36h
Spokes: Primo
Tyres: Oddy Chase G P-Lyte 175’s
Tubes: Schwalbe

I did not think I would get on with a 18.2 frame, because it’s so short but after my first ride on it I must say I loved it and got used to it right away, it felt good on front and back wheels.
I’m not sure about the weight of it, but I’m not fussed about it anyway, let’s just say it feels just about right, I’ve had St Martin frames in all sizes from 19.3 to 18.2 and I could ride all of them with no worries, this one feels like a toy and after a long winter it’s good to go out and play again.
Big thanks to the guys at St Martin, Edwardes Ltd and TGM, and not to forget FLATMATTERS.

Photos provided by Jason Forde.

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2 thoughts on “Jason Forde’s 2009 St Martin Eiffel Bike Check

  1. hey jay, any close up pics of the stem?, esp the back of it from front looks really clean, similar to bizhouse at the back, the ride looks uber clean, are you running those tricked out tubes, so you dont get valve troubles?

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