10 thoughts on “Jason Plourde – Basic Training

  1. the real deal is doing things, getting out of the comfort zone, working your as.. off in order to make it happen, massive props to the real hardcore riders Dub, Jason, Vicki etc etc that shows lots of heart, Japanese guys are even planning on attending Trevlon’s comp.. I mean that’s a hell of a flight… that’s the real deal trying to make it to each comp, flatland doesn’t pay much and still riders make the effort, at the end is not promoting yourself with 100000 videos. Martti had to travel tons in order to make it, and that’s a killer so did Mathias. I believe in the real deal when I see him there, otherwise it’s just a label

  2. Amazing, totally worth going to Trinidad. I don’t know much about Trinidad but Trevlon sure did a fantastic job, flatland needs more guys like him. MASSIVE PROPS to that guy seriously

  3. anyone know is theres a livefeed for that contest… seems with the big money riders are really going to be on it… would be good to watch ? ? ?

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