Jean-Francois Boulianne – Flatware Bikecheck!

Odyssey shot this video a couple weeks after the TEXAS TOAST JAM. JF hopped IN THE VAN with the crew on the way back to California and ended up spending quite a bit of time out there. If you’re ever driving down PCH near Zuma beach, keep your eyes peeled on the parking lots by the coast. You might just catch a heavy flatland sesh going down.

JF’s home in Montreal now and nursing some cracked ribs. Once he heals up though, it’s a guaranteed bet he’ll be hitting the road again. In the mean time, here’s his bike check along with a couple clips. Enjoy 🙂

11 thoughts on “Jean-Francois Boulianne – Flatware Bikecheck!

  1. JF makes me smile.

    Also, love that he still reps his “i h8 pralex” sticker, unlike some flatware riders. Cough Terry Adams cough.

  2. California was amazing, there having a awesome Jam today.
    I wish i was there, my ribs are healing slowly!!!!
    It is -20 here, i miss all my traveling.
    Thanks you all for the support!!!!

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