Jean-Francois Boulianne wins Anderson Round 2 AM FLT!

Results just in from Rounds 2 of the AM Flat Circuit in Anderson, Indiana! Cingratulations to JFB taking the win in pro, Dax Walford killing it in AM to take the win, Quest BMX’s Danny Sirkin taking the Veteran win. Thanks to John Yull for the news!

Jean-Francois Boulianne
James McGraw
Prasheel Gopal
Todd Gully
Andy Cooper
Mark Kuhlmann

Dax Walford
Todd Carter
Bryan Huffmann

Danny Sirkin
Brian Yellow Gavigan
Hiro Tsuchida

Ryan Horshem
Colin Carter
Libby Armstrong

3 thoughts on “Jean-Francois Boulianne wins Anderson Round 2 AM FLT!

  1. What a great day!

    Huge thank you to Joe Miller and Angie for putting this event together. Running a contest isn’t easy, and running one this well is a huge feat. Despite the one thing out of their control (the weather) turning against us half way through the first run of pros, we continued on and finished up inside.

    The indoor spot wasn’t my ideal location for a contest, but after watching the first few guys put down amazing runs, I had to step up and do my best.

    Also, another huge thank you to everyone that supported #pralex and picked up a towel from us. I’m absolutely blown away by the support and enthusiasm shown to us, not just on Saturday, but at every event over the years. Thank you!

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