Jean-William Prevost – BMX Cologne / 1st Place Qualification Run

Snipes bmx cgn 2017 / Jean-William Prevost / qualification run from og pictures on Vimeo.

When the mysterious natures of flatland align and you are blessed with a moment. Cologne has been that place over the years where the magic happens, and Jean William Prevost’s qualification run is one of those moments that shall stay with me forever. Stop reading my description and watch this already, thank you to Marton Szilaygi for documenting this!

10 thoughts on “Jean-William Prevost – BMX Cologne / 1st Place Qualification Run

  1. That was a magical moment! Watching Dub landing all his hardest links with such speed and determination – wow.
    Good thing the judges keep track of all the tricks he manages to cram into a single combo.

  2. This years comp reminded me of 1998-2004 in terms of the diversity of riding and styles.
    I wasn’t there but if the videos are anything to go by it looked like it was one of the better comps of recent times, long may it continue.

    • Yes thats a good point Pete! Been talking about styles with a couple of people, Sietse Van Berkel really stood out for me. Great to see him up there this year, and of course Dub with a run from the gods. These runs are special, they don’t come round very often. Cologne historically seems to bring the magic. Blessed to be there to see it first hand.

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