Jean William Prevost – 5th Place BMX Cologne

It was tense going down to the last rider to ride at BMX Cologne. I’ve had a bunch of copyright issues with the contest runs this time round, thankfully Kevin & Els was also on hand to document what went down. After one of the best qualification runs in recent memory it didn’t quite happen for Dub in the finals, 5th place and 2nd place in the 2017 World Circuit.

2 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost – 5th Place BMX Cologne

  1. Weird. Looks like he pulled most of the same stuff that he pulled in qualifying except he had two touches. It also looks like his time was cut short. What happened there?

    • Flawless no-touch run in qualifications.
      Like you said some touches in his final run.
      Combine that with other pro’s that rode (way) better in finals then they did in qualifications and there’s your answer.

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