Jean William Prevost & Benjamin Hudson – Against the Current

Against the Current from Jean William P on Vimeo.

Amazing new edit featuring Dub and Benjamin Hudson from Chile killing it in China! The xft halfpacker line at 2:12 from Benjamin is so good, definitely look out for this guy! igi represent! Stickied for the night!

16 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost & Benjamin Hudson – Against the Current

  1. Wow! Benjamin Hudson is a new name to me but as Barre and rjs stated, he has amazing style and I hope I see a lot more from him soon! Also Dub killing it as always. It’s such a given at this point I’m almost desensitized to how good he is!

  2. That was some two wheel thrill riding right there , both riders pushing the limits at hand . Keep it Up !! Stay Flat .

  3. WOW
    Benjamin is so talented, hope to see more soon!
    I’m really shocked, the xfooted link is just madness
    Dub as good as usual!

  4. Man Benjamin is awesome!!! So stoked to see a rider I never saw before killin it with so amazing tricks and style! Dub killed as usual! Thanks for the video guys it s incredible!!!

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