40 thoughts on “Jean-William Prevost – Spring Cleaning

  1. So glad I got to see his riding in person in Toronto. Just mind blowing, jaw dropping, head scratching awesomeness!!

  2. Aaaaahhh!! This is sooo sick! As Alexis says, Dub’s mobility is amazing. He looks really free to move which makes his riding so expressive.

    I’ll be showing this one to non-riding friends for sure!

  3. navid

    March 16, 2012

    original lever on the pedal:D just jaw dropping indeed

    sorry but this is all JESSE PUENTE!!! pivoting on the pedals and all that pedal good stuff. but DUB you are young and very inspiring and def motivating. power back wheel riding with very very nice style. +1

  4. So aggressive and on edge, I love it. He’s got some amazing style and flow.

    Oh, and the track is Flunk’s “Common Sense.”

  5. I was blown away until I remembered that this is some “Jesse shit”. Still cool though, I’m still trying Chase’s old shit!

  6. This is not jesse puente shit its nothing like it its way harder what a forwards roparoni on the pedal when ?? ARE YOU CRAZY nobody does that nobody not like that even the pivot pedal tricks i’m sure Jesse did not do it first and this looks way way better trust me not even remotely similar even if it is so what ? are there laws in flatland that we can’t do other people’s tricks give me a break theres no law involved haha better not rolaid anymore Derek Schott trick,better not whopper anymore Bill Nitschke trick,better not Death or Dump truck,hang 5,roparoni,locomotive etc etc Kevin Jones trick ,better not do any scuffing its outlawed ,better not do an endo Bob Haro might sue me,better not pinky Squeak Gary Pollack trick,better not whiplash foot on stem Martti Kuoppa trick,better not do a Katrina Terry Adams trick blah blah blah etc etc etc i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again and again but in the words of Ruben Castillo ” this is freestyle folks there are no rules ” just ride and enjoy do whatever forget who did what first this is not a popularity contest its here to enjoy.

  7. @Thong oh so there are laws in flatland that you can’t duplicate others tricks and it is a popularity contest after all well i never knew that seems at 44 i must have taken a wrong turn somewhere 30 years back haha ,proofs in the pudding homeboy and if i see your L.A bro riding like that ( biased opinion really ) then i’ll retract my comment but sure as hell i have’nt and i doubt i will ,and like R Dog says there are no rules who did what first etc etc we may as well all quit if thats the case ,just going riding now if i warm up with a Hang 5 i hope Kevin Jones doesn’t sue me for his patented manouver haha

  8. @howard: Did I say anything about copying? Or you can’t do other tricks? Did you not read what I posted? And are you ok? Are you sipping on some booze and then hoping on flatmatters and raging? LOL Relax old man. Maybe you’ve seen a lot or know a lot. But maybe not enough 😛

    and mr. kevin jonez had something to say

    Jevin Kones

    March 17, 2012

    I was blown away until I remembered that this is some “Jesse shit”. Still cool though, I’m still trying Chase’s old shit!

    No one is hating if you can see!!! anywayz go ride your bike its probably picking up dust 😛

  9. @Thonky Thong i got the impression that you said copying yes i read it yes i’m fine no i don’t drink i am allowed an opinion yes i’ve seen enough more than a kid like you and that is not Kevin Jones commenting haha ,whats this hating you talk off are you a gangstar haha no my bike never picks up dust it picks up shit on the ground like you so if you would like to have a chat in person please do so because mouthy shits like you online do my head in your never right yet you think your opinion only matters and your name is that a piece of underwear or for real 🙂

  10. whats this hating crap i never even mentioned that urban multi cultural talk you did ,i use grown up language not kids talk.

  11. Attention Thong C. Ngoer i repeat Attention Thong C. Ngoer , i have just had a glass of water i hope thats ok it so far has had no adverse affect on me.

  12. The old saying is that the ‘sincerest form of flatter is imitation’. The cool thing with flatland is every trick may have been done before by someone else but each individual naturally puts their own flavour to it making it their own in some way, shape, or form. Howard is correct in there are no rules to flatland’ Thong is perhaps correct as parts of it may have been done before. One love riders!

    Ton Ami Mike: Les Anglais sont se battent encore. Une chose certaine, le freestyle de Dub est incroyable!

  13. Great riding i love it! And i think you have a great time too! Travelling around the world and stuff. Jealous,,,, keep riiiidinnggG And Travelling!

  14. WOW. Anyways coming back from work and seeing all this negativity. I was joking about old man etc etc. If you cant take jokes oh boyyyyyyyeeee.. :p have a great night man lolllllllllllll such comedy!

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