Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 3 in St Louis


Jean William Prevost is on a roll! Congrats to Dub who yesterday won the AFA Round 3 in St Louis, followed on the podium by James McGraw and Tyler Gilliard. Congratulatons to James and Tyler also, and all the winners in each class. That’s three rounds in a row for Dub! Full results below.

1- Jean William Prevost
2- James McGraw
3- Tyler Gilliard
4- Austin Luberda
5- Art Thomason
6- Will Redd
7- Joe Cicman
8- Bill Nitschke
9- Bryan Huffman
10- Todd Carter
11- Nikola Olic

1- Ron Monis
2- Zunwu Zhou
3- Michale Shao
4- Ed Jolie
5- Trevor Watring
6- Mitchell Hall

Olds Cool

1- Mike Smick
2- John Ustaszewski
3- Matt Thomas

1- Fernando Brenner
2- Kim Klisiak
3- Mark Sprung
4- Ava McGraw
5- Coda McGraw

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