Jean William Prevost wins Battle at the Border

Congratulations to MR Alien glide himself, Jean William Prevost taking the win yesterday at the Battle at the Border contest in Buffalo, New York, Dub was followed on the podium by young ripper, Etienne Bergeron and Dax Wolford rounding out the top three.

Congratulations to Shaun Lapsley brothers, Danny Sirkin in the second place spot, third place AM went to Will Smith. I don’t have the full results from the contest, will update as they come through.

10 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost wins Battle at the Border

  1. Even though JP’s primarily a back wheel rider, he’s definitely made it happen for himself. I’m happy for him. And at the same time, has inspired me and I’m sure many others.

    • His fork is pretty much designed to be as light and out of the way as possible for rear wheel tricks. The legs are really close together and he has a smaller width front hub. He’s using the forks, trust me, but not in the ways that we would usually think. He’s using what’s NOT there, if that makes sense?

      Actually he can ride front wheel pretty well, but he’s tall and gangly so he said he feels a bit hunched over and uncomfortable. Also, I think he’s taken backwheel riding much further than anyone else, so he’s doing OK. All the mindblowing stuff that Nathan P did now looks quite simple from where we’re all sitting.

      The way I see it is that if you’re not stuck – your path is open – just keep walking – follow one wheel if it’s still rolling. Dub is doing a lot of new tricks, more power to him.

      For me personally, and most riders, I know we’re going to get stuck. So I would always recommend people to ride both wheels and learn as many different techniques as possible. I think Dub did that and through that process he found this path. Me, like most riders are still lost in the woods.

      I did see variety as a necessary riding quality, it’s just a reflection of our personalities. Like, if someone gets enough pleasure from only doing whiplashes then they don’t need more. You know what I mean?

  2. Tristan makes an interesting point. Funny to think that flatland yrs ago used to (thought of as) heavily front wheel based. JP and many other have destroyed that claim.

  3. In the period that many focused on the front wheel, I thought there’s the back wheel,& we should look at opening the possibilities there. So, I never forgot about the backwheel. And I was dabling in certain positions/ variations. I actually thought it was being ignored somewhat. And so JP has really done that, along with others, which’s great.I myself have some links, on the back, yet to be completed so they’re not on film yet either.

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