Jean William Prevost wins Battle in the Rockies!

Congratulations to the back wheel killer, Jean William Prevost aka Dub taking the win and $4000 home in an epic night in the Mansion nightclub last night in Colorado Springs! Followed on the podium by Dez Maarsen and Dominik Nekolny! Big respect to James McGraw stepping up and putting on a legit event on the contest calendar!

Pro Final Battle Results:

1- Jean William Prevost
2- Dez Maarsen
3- Dominik Nekolny
4- Benjamin Hudson
5- James McGraw
6- Alex Jumelin
7- Tyler Gilliard
8- Jason Plourde
9- Thomas Noyer
10- Dane Beardsley
11- Pete Brandt
12- Joe Cicman

13- Alexis Desolneux
14- York Uno
15-Masashi Itani
16-Art Thomason
17- Dax Wolford
18- Will Redd
19- Joel Schallhorn
20-Takuji Kasahara
21-Bo Wade
22- Alex Worden

5 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost wins Battle in the Rockies!

  1. Watched the livestream-looked like an epic event! Surprised to Nathan in the house – did he throw a leg over a bike or just hang out? Benjamin Hudson – holy crap!! Bright future ahead for him.
    Thought it would have been cool if the first runs in the Dom vs. Dub battle were on their non dominant wheel – that would have been fitting for the “let’s have fun” vibe.
    The judges had a hard job – a lot of the battles could have went either way.

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