Jeff Desroche – After Accident 1

In 2010, Jeff Desroche was hit by a truck while he was walking on the side of the road. It’s taken Jeff nine years to get back to a point where he feels like he can progress again doing what he loves. Flatland! One of the best styles in the game for sure, the way Jeff moves around the bike is something else, so stoked to see Flatland can help and does help in your mental health. This Part 1 in a three part series, really looking forward to the next parts. This is so good, flatland really does matter!

16 thoughts on “Jeff Desroche – After Accident 1

  1. I first saw Jeff ride in an Intrikat vid & he was different to some other riders. Seeing this, it seems he’s on track to progressing even further. Great to see you riding again.

  2. Im with you , Tristan ! Its so dope to see Jeff back to progressing his riding . Things like HIS switch hand steam flip to cross spinning tea kettle , bar pull through , back to steam ….that line is one of the most used combos in modern day flatland to this day ! Desroche unleashed it in I think , ummmmmm……early 2006 ? Not sure , haha. His riding has always been waaaaaaay ahead of the pack , technique and variation wise . Hes one of the first riders I think about when anyone talks about the new school era of bmx flatland . He had those switch hand steam bar flips to crack packers , crack packer bar flips out to cobain rolls …..both these lines with zero scuffs . kicks of the tire , as far back as late 1999 !! 1999 !! Crazy to think about THAT . I still remember watching Jeff in practice @ the E.S.P.N. X-Trials qualifier in Grand Prarie Texas the day after my 28 birthday in 2002………we had driven all night . I got REALLY sick from have only eaten birthday cake ALL day for like, 12 hours , just about the ENTIRE cake , haha. Anyway …….we got there watching Ed Nassbaum , Terry Adams , Aaron Frost , Bryan Huffman , and Jeff just all shredding up the pavement with all their MINT links on their bikes…….Jeff was nailing his one handed hang tens , leap to switch hand PEDAL steams, spinning / holding the steam for like 3 CIRCLES……..BEFORE bar flipping to Tomahawk , THEN still flowing his combo . He had a hoodie on , like totally in his own zone . It was really cool to see him fully immersed in his links , TOTALLY focused . Hes ALWAYS been one at the forefront for pushing progressive tricks , variations . When Diego Tejada told me the news about Jeff back in 2010……..I was bummed, man…………..NOW after seeing THIS ……..Im SO happy , stoked , excited for him to be back on his bike pushing the art form , back in Jeff Desroche BMX FLATLAND attack mode , again ! Put it like this …………during the prelims @ that X-Trials qualifier………Jeff ONLY went for his HARDEST combos , NO holds barred . His prelim run had the riders and Steve Swope LOUD throughout EVERY line he went for or pulled . TRUE core bmx ripper = Jeff Desroche .

  3. Wow, you’ve great enthusiasm Rodney. You’ve these long posts & by reading them l can tell you value the great riding moments.

  4. This is so inspiring! Good to see you’re back on the bike! Flatland saved my life a few times by now and helped me to get though hard times. Just like right now haha. Thanks for sharing Jeff. styles for miles

  5. Fuck yeah, so stocked to see Jeff back in the game ! My favorite rider ever, so much flow and style !!!!
    Can’t wait for part 2 and 3 !

  6. Thanks Tristan ! For sure man , I REALLY do appreciate a lot of great bmx moments . Ive ,like yourself seen TONS of em go down @ contests , jams ……even @ random sesh spots , riding with different / random riders . One of em that just recently went down……….PERCY MARSHALL …….his mental , high energy , ridiculous prelim , finals……..AND best trick runs @ the recent Flatland Voodoo Jam , couple weeks ago ! That dudes TOO humble ,AND simply AMAZING on a bike . Funny thing is……………after he threw down HARD during prelims …..were talking upstairs, waiting in line for the individual photo shoots , and hes like looking worried………he actually thought he DIDNT make the finals , hahhahaha…….Percy is just THAT humble ! I was like , duuuuuuuuude you SLLLAAAAAAMED down a crazy last link consisting of a hiker to back packer dark side ……..flowed to a bunch of kickless turbine switch hand steam Dave dusters , a NO handed spinning , pumping crack packer , back to time machine , BACK to fire haul turbine , etc ,etc………you know ……a crazy front to back to front wheel ,signature Percy STYLE combo ………..he STILL thought he didn’t make the cut……….couple minutes later……Scott announced he HAD made the finals ! I looked at Percy , said ……..TOLD YA , hahaha. His smile , relief , and stoke was so dope to see . He is , and will continue to be one of the GREATS in bmx flatland , Tristan !!

  7. Motivational video. I remember the first time I saw Jeff ride.. I thought “he just changed the definition of what flatland is”,When watching his clips I think “how the hell did he just pull that link like that”?

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