Jeff Scheer – 43/30

43-30 Jeff Scheer from Jeff Scheer on Vimeo.

To celebrate Jeff’s 43rd birthday and 30 years of riding, Jeff put together this awesome edit that had my attention from the opening one handed stem boomerang! Definitely give this one your attention, lot of unique moves dropped in this one! Respect and happy 43rd birthday Jeff!

21 thoughts on “Jeff Scheer – 43/30

    • Glad you enjoyed and replied George! You are definitely one of the riders that inspires me to try and think different. Your stuff is so original and difficult!

  1. Happy birthday to this guy… his edits have been an inspiration since Global-Flat’s heydays years ago. Keep killing it Jeff! Glad to see you knocked that no-footed tailwhip to footjam out!

    • Really appreciate you calling my edits an inspiration. You also inspired me with that no footed whip, thanks for the idea to combo it with a footjam! After getting that I had to get it opposite to a smith!

  2. Tons of really great stuff in this! Loved all the backwards facing boomerang multiples and variations and the rope to brakeless smith was sick too!

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