18 thoughts on “Jenza Kamai – AM Flatland – FISE 2013

  1. Very nice.

    Let me ask a questions to you E and anyone else willing to chime in. I never had handlebars break during flatland riding in 26 years. Today, my Odyssey Flatware Chase handlebar broke in the middle of a boomerang. Should this be considered an aberration or have others had similar issues with Odyssey parts?

  2. Thanks guys! I never registered the bars; therefore, so much for utilizing the life time warranty. Nevertheless, the way they broke could have led to a serious injury, which prevents me from trusting the bars again anyway. I’ll be ordering a different brand today.

  3. It’s interesting the way he steps off the floor to begin his tricks. I’ve never seen that before. Not much variety here but he is dialed!

  4. The Chase bars are known breakers but they tried to beef them up some and released a second edition. I don’t know how to tell the two apart though. It’s not surprising considering how wide they are and how low the crossbar is. I would rather have any other part on my bike break than my handlebars, man that’s got to be scary.

  5. Hey Ortho!

    I had just switched out of a turbine hang to a boomerang when they just bent and snapped like a hot knife through butter. I’m glad they didn’t snap a little earlier. I had loved the shape of the bars because they reminded me of the old 88 Haro ones. I know I’m 200 pounds but come on. Like I said, 26 years of riding and I’ve never known bars to break when flatlanding. If you have any recommendations, fire off your suggestions as this old school rider is not ‘schooled’ in these new products.

    As for the rider in this video, it always looks like he’s going to touch down at the end but he lands it with precision. So, so cool.

  6. Reggie, I would suggest some basic 2 piece bars with a higher crossbar. I think the reason a lot of guys run the 2 and 4 piece bars now is because the older Chase-style designs were prone to breakage. Not sure how many people it really happened to but word gets around fast when riders almost get impaled on a broken handlebar. I can’t do tomahawk type tricks on a higher crossbar though so I do wish there were more options out there with a slightly lower crossbar.

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