9 thoughts on “Jim McKay – BMX Freestyler’s Trick of the Month – Karl Kruzer

  1. Cool edit. I always enjoy Jim’s edits. I feel obliged though to at least mention Dave Fox’s name. I don’t think Karl Rothe would mind.

  2. Anthony, I don’t think anyone knows what a Dave Duster is. Ha ha. Good call though, dope edit from Jim. He makes it look fun. I think I need to actually learn this trick…I don’t know why I never did. So, I guess this is the month to do it.

  3. Speaking of Dave Fox, I recently saw a riding picture of him on Facebook that one of the Hoods posted! Stoked to see that guy on a bike again!

  4. This is definitely the weirdest edit I’ve seen in a minute, with the crowd laughter (the one where your just sitting there silent after the clip jim is priceless) and the odd doorbells? (damn you, i had to rewind the video to make sure no one was at my door)

    Anything that supports anything that raddad does is a winner in my book.

  5. I finished this edit right as I was coming down with the flu. The song could have been much better. Lesson- never rush 🙂 I’ve seen a whole lot of super serious edits lately and thought it would be fun to actually just have fun with an edit. It was an experiment 🙂 Thanks for watching.

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