Jody Temple video sections

video name section from jodytemple on Vimeo.

flatcrap section from jodytemple on Vimeo.

Same Thing Daily Section from jodytemple on Vimeo.

Jody Temple’s “Summertime in Athens” edit went down a storm here on flatmatters, well if you missed any of these three sections you are in for a treat, with permission from producer Dane Beardsley, Jody published his sections from Videoname, Flatcrap, and Same Thing Daily, don’t sleep on these!!

2 thoughts on “Jody Temple video sections

    • yes he is thong, look of really good stuff, really like the halfpacker then jump over to xft forward karl, that kind of stuff has so much untapped potential, as well as the halfpacker to xft halfpacker flip is so dope, and so clean, it doesnt look that hard, but it is. And thats down to how smooth Jody is, stuff gets overlooked. Much respect due!

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