Joel Schallhorn – Experimental Session / Eclectic Concepts

Joel Schallhorn is out living the life in Japan, and just dropped a fresh “Eclectic Concepts” edit. Joel for me is one of the most interesting riders to watch, you never know what’s coming and all techniques within riding are open. For example in this edit, a hand scuff to go from crackpacker to backwards crackpacker at 00:15 and so on. Thanks for sharing Joel!

3 thoughts on “Joel Schallhorn – Experimental Session / Eclectic Concepts

  1. Whether you’re a fan of The Man-Bun, hand scuffing, or kendama – this Edit has anything and everything you need to get your stoke on.

    Joel’s been my buddy since TerraDome 1 and He always got something fresh and freshly re-explored to show. I love watching his stuff.

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