Joel Schallhorn – Hypnotic

Back to it after a couple of days off, let’s get Sunday’s posts started with this rad edit from the underrated Joel Schallhorn! Here’s what Joel had to say about this “Hypnotic” edit:

“While I was home in Colorado I felt like I was lazy as a rider, rarely rode and filmed, but I focused on progressing myself in other ways which can be seen here. I felt lazy but when I was reviewing the footage I collected from January to March of 2018 I guess I did more than I thought and I’m happy with the result!”

3 thoughts on “Joel Schallhorn – Hypnotic

  1. The bike is the tool, the mind and body drive it. If you are exposing yourself to new, challenging and exciting things off the bike, you are enhancing driver and, by extension the riding. I think your edits are great at representing the connection between life on and off the bike.

  2. Always like seeing your edits Joel. really exciting to watch the unique style and creative tricks/switches. And being a former diver myself I appreciate your skills!

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