Joel Schallhorn – Rush

Joel Schallhorn has been progressing a ton since his return from China back to his home in Denver, Colorado. Joel definitely stands out to me as he rides so differently than almost anyone I can think of, in this edit you will see lots of new opposite bar flips, gadget whips variations, and a fun new no footed steam holding the stem (3:57 + backwards variation) that was inspired by Martti Kuoppa at a Tintadome session at BITR last month. Really enjoyed this edit, keep on shredding Joel!

8 thoughts on “Joel Schallhorn – Rush

  1. Thank you for the Kind words Effraim, means a lot!
    Thank your George! that no foot steam isn’t too bad, it mostly kills the wrist. It’s a lot harder backwards.
    Lachlan, Not every trick is new, but most at the very least combinations and variations are new. So something about ever clip is new. I’ve been putting some serious time in lately.

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