5 thoughts on “Johann Chan – 60 Seconds of 2019

  1. RAD , TIMES 7 , Johann !! Airing POOLS , VERT walls , and modern box jumps , is a VERY hard skill to learn / dial , campeon . All these trannys are so steep , these days ,that ya REALLY have to perfect , not just airing out……….ya have to learn how to properly NOSE IN , upon re-entry ! NOT an easy task to do . Last time I even tried to air out of a VERY small tranny , ZERO vert …………I friggin hung , accidently body jarred ,so friggin bad …..I almost went O.T.B. , and got served up , real nice like , hahaha. These trannys youre just roasting on your bike , with so much control / smoothness to your riding , are RAD , bruv ! To think that youre ALSO a RIPPING flatlander ,nailing backwards STYLED OUT rocket spins , and the high speed hang five links that you were busting out , back in 2004 , AND swivels to over takers , smoooooth lung spins , etc , etc…….well……THAT also makes ya one dope VERSATILE bmxer , a trait that’s ALWAYS been difficult to EARN , and STAY on top of , as the years fly by . REALLY enjoyed this , Johann ! Always seeing photos , interviews , how- to -trick sequences , of ya, back in 2002-2010 , in Ride BMX magazine , their U.K. edition . THAT was dope , and always had me wanting to see VIDEO of your bike riding . Thank God for the INTERNET , these days , haha…..NOW ,I just have to google ANY bmxer , watch LOADS of their bmx edits from their past and present riding ! Looks like ya had a remarkable 2019 ,on your bike , Jefe . SO rad ya even attending / competing @ THE Snipes / Cologne BMX Masters event , THATS a truly GLOBAL contest ! Talk about a PRESSURE cooker of a contest , must of been quite the RUSH , riding , during your contest runs , huh , campeon ?! Again , REALLY aggro edit , gracias for sharing / posting , Johann / Effraim !!

  2. Hey Rodney, thanks so much for taking the time for that comment! It was an absolute pleasure seeing you shredding online recently too! Hope we get to session sometime.
    Thanks for the post and HNY Effraim/ Flat Matters- your dedication knows no bounds
    & shout out to the OG one bike shredder Amos!

  3. Youre welcome , Johann ! The pleasure was all mine , bruva ! Thanks , campeon , filming for Adam Guilds , LIL DOSE Part 9 was a lot of FUN …..some HARD work , but never the less FUN . I aint the most dialed cat on a bike , so filming ANYTHING take me FOREVER , hahha…….sounds dope , Id love to have a sessions withcha , and the rest of the U.K. BMX O.G. ,riders……Amos Burke , yourself , Mark-T.G.M. , Jason Forde , James Smith , Licoln Blacksey , Effraim , Phil Dolan , hell , burv …..ALL those cats , us all riding @ the SOUTH BANK LEGENDARY spot !! Now THAT would friggin RULE , Johann ! One day , I hope , Id even rush out to get a passport for a bmx session , like THAT , hahaha ! Ahhhhh, yes ! Ditto on THAT ……SHOUT OUT to Amos Burke, Mr. PEDAL bar small /cowboy squeaks , CIRCA EARLY 1997 ,@ ANOTHER legendary session spot ……THE hunington Beach spot , in Califas !!

  4. That’s what I call : a real bmx rider. It remind’s me the early 80’s when we used to do everything with our bikes.
    Keep riding Johann.

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