Johann Chan Interview in RideUK!

Photo credit: Jonny Grogan.

It has been quite a week for Johann! And it appears to be getting better and better! Johann has an interview in the latest Ride UK entitled “Flat does matter!”. Pick up a copy if you can at your local newsagents!

8 thoughts on “Johann Chan Interview in RideUK!

  1. Between this and his podium placing at battle vibes, I’ll have to get the Toronto contest to roll out the red carpet for this UK celebrity.

    Good job, Johann!

  2. Yes my man Chan is an all round good guy, he’s been about for ever, A source of inspiration to many, I look forward to reading this article. don’t call it a come back. POW POW BRAPP ETC ETC

  3. haha, I still can picture Johann’s arms a flail, frantically making a mad dash back from the karzi along the top balcony just in time to grab his bike and put out a quality run to place in the Expert TOP 3, at last weeks UK battle vibes, haha
    Much deserved to an all-round bmx shredder

  4. Ha! A little out of breath after the ‘flamboyant’ entrance. Nice warm up though. Thanks for the cool comments guys, hopefully we’ll get more flat in the mags this year. There are so many flat riders who deserve to get some coverage.

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