4 thoughts on “John Yull – 45th Birthday Session

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR.YULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always stoked to see your original HAMMERS !!!!!!! I WANT TO BUY ONE OF THOSE NORA YULL SHIRTS !!!!! Dude I still cant believe youre doing that top-rock cade , even landing it to PEDAL , even nailing it AFTER a OPPY jam whip !!!!!!! its amazing to me you actually can nail these tricks FIRST go , saw that at the O.G. JAM when Terry and Scott were down doing Moto G.P. shows , and with a INJURED ankle???!!!! As BIG E would say ……………..M E N T A L !!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the STEMade too !!!!!!

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