John Yull – American Gothic

John Yull American Gothic from JMK Pictures on Vimeo.

Jim McKay teamed up with John Yull to bring us this short one minute edit focussed around the nothing decade. Here’s what Jim had to say about the project:

“John has been offline for some time now, in a media free black hole, and while in there, the ‘nothing decade’ was born. I was lucky enough to connect with him recently in Martindale for this quick video. Hope you like it! John would like to extend thanks to Martti and Master of Creativity.”

10 thoughts on “John Yull – American Gothic

  1. My personal relationship with footjam decades changes every time I do them… some days they’re easy and dialed, other times I spend all session not hitting one while my toes get smashed to sh*t and the tendonitis in my elbows blows up. Seeing John being able to manipulate the trick to the point where he can take every limb off the bike while doing them is crazy to me knowing how demanding footjams can be on a body while dialing them in. Crazy respect!

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