John Yull and his Custom Haro Master!

Hot off the presses, here are the first photos of John Yull’s new custom Haro Master that is a remake of what John rode back in 1987 with his own modern custom geometry (you can check the specs and frame photos below!). This looks amazing!


19tt 72st 75ht 7so 11.5bb 13cs.

24 thoughts on “John Yull and his Custom Haro Master!

  1. A few months back, John Buultjens sent me a geometry change for the Master and I said that would peg perfect for John Yull! Sure enough! Stoked for John Y!

    • Thanks Brett.
      Not sure what GEO he was showing you. John let me design whatever I wanted for my personal frame. I don’t know if he is changing the Master or not but all this GEO was based around my current WE frame and all the testing I did with the 3 I designed. I hope John plans on changing up the existing Master to something more current like mine but this one was all on me.

  2. Now those are perfect specs for seat tube angle, top tube and chain stays lenght. Would be awesome if the 2018 Retro Flatland Master comes with that revised geo.

  3. When John at Haro offered me a re make of my first Haro I jumped at the opportunity. I used the same geometry I used for my custom WE bicycles frame with a slight tweak. Then John got the drawings done and sent it off to the factory to be made. It showed up on Wednesday and now I need to get busy to film MOC finals with it. Thank you to John and Haro for giving me this opportunity.

  4. That thing is soooo seriously sick. The retro bikes are done nicely, and stay true to the intent – just wonder if there’s a market for a John Yull spec Master? Not sure, but it’s certainly nice to think about (and look at). At going on 48, I’m not sure I can justify a new BMX bike, but man do I want one.

  5. I have the 19.5 master it isnt even close to correct flatland Geometry. Very dissapointed. So i set it up with regular offset stem/forks and it is good for park and general old school freestyle moves. Not good for modern moves.

        • Huh, they changed the geo (besides TT length) between the flat Master and the lineage Master? Didn’t know they did that, but that’s kind of goofy.

        • Not really following your argument that the Master isn’t “correct flat geo” if TT length is the only geo difference between the flat and lineage Master frames. Matthias is tall, rides the 21″ tt, but if all the other angles on both model Master frames are the same, than I’d say he’s showed the frames are perfectly fine for flatland. What further proof is needed of the frame’s viability after someone winning a major pro flat comp on it?

          • And I promise you many of these “modern” moves were done in the 90’s on tanks with shitty geometry and stupid platforms too! Too much talk of geometry…flatland is hard as hell, pick the bike that stoked you to ride and go ride the damn thing.

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